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“Down to Earth” “Sweetie Pie Poutine”
“Down to Earth” “Sweetie Pie Poutine”
(Available: October 1st to October 31st)

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reLiSH Gourmet Burgers

Imagine if everyone on the planet was "inspired to Relish their life through their dreams, passions and aspirations."  Just imagine!

This is the vision that drives a five year old better burger company forward make a difference in people and their journey on the planet.  To inspire them! Introducing reLiSH Gourmet Burgers!

reLiSH was founded in 2009 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  The founders of the company are Chef Ray Henry and serial entrepreneur Rivers Corbett...both of them bringing unique talents to the vision ....Rivers doesn't even like to cook and Chef Ray had never owned his own business.  That being said...their vast experience in food and business ...made for a perfect storm of potential.

ray-henry-home-pageIn addition to the vision driving the company, also fundamental to the success of reLiSH is a focus on "zagging while everyone else zigs."  The owners wanted to be different and since the first location opened in January, 2010 they have been honest to the principle of that strategy.  reLiSH Gourmet Burgers also delivers on its focus of uniqueness by understanding that a guest must connect with reLiSH through their heart as well as their stomach.

The name relish is the basis of the experience with every touch point that a guest has with reLiSH is one that makes them feel wonderful, loved, respected, appreciated, driven, ....reLiSHed!! This includes the unique decor and layout in the locations, the gourmet product offering with its name identities, the burger ambassadors cast as the actors in the food delivery, the engagement on social media and of course the connection with the community...and much more.  The first order is nice but when guests return multiple times you know you are doing something right.

Since the first location opened in 2010 reLiSH Gourmet Burgers has opened multiple additional locations, with more locations to be opened soon.   The strategy for further growth is an initial 5 year focus on North American and Middle East/UK markets through a combination of franchise  and corporate locations.  After that...

Think Starbucks of the better burger industry and you have reLiSH Gourmet Burgers!

Relish is a 2013 Certificate of Excellence Winner

ta-logoThis prestigious award, which places Relish in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor, is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers. “We strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive reviews on TripAdvisor.”